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It’s the time when all is being revealed
Don’t pretend that you don’t understand
How long can you keep your head under the sand?
It’s the time when all is being revealed
Revelation is nigh
Muddle headed, feather headed, braindead
It doesn’t matter, even the fool can see
That this is the time of revelation
Megalomanic, frantic megalomania,
It’s a state of total insania
Revelation is nigh
It’s a state of total insania
They have captured the banner of brotherhood
There is no more standard bearer of justice
Profaining the crown of righteousness
Casting it to the ground, trampling it under-foot.
And the prophet did say, That there would be a time
When we can’t make up for lost time.
And the prophet did say
That there will be a burning rage
A rage gone way out of control and the mongers of war
Would take it to the stars and new and deadly plague
Would be the scrouge of all nations
That wickedness would be elevated to the heights
They call the new world order
That ideologies would crumble
And man would forget, how to be humble
That fools would replace wise man by stealth and graft
And would be the harbingers of doom
Revelation is nigh

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