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It's seven in the morning and you're walkin'
Out the door, you got no time for coffee
And I'm standing here rememberin'
When my kisses made you late

Only take a minute for my morning meditation
But I'm on the phone, call waiting, click
And I'm under an invasion
And I feel like I'm a spinning ball in a lottery cage

If we ain't making love, how can we be lovers
Gonna post a vacancy sign under the covers
Before it gets too late, I'm gonna say

Ooh, stop what you're doin' and love me now
Ooh, I'm makin' my move, come on and love me now

I come home so tired, wanna put my feet up
You watch Letterman and eat something old I heat up
And we both fall asleep before the rooster starts to crow

No time to fight, we pretend love is so sweet
When all we're missin' is what's between the sheets
We used to find an hour between the stop and go

Whatever happened to staying up all night
When the bed became an island, it was just you and I
Our troubles would slip away, when you'd say


Time, time
Time, time, time
All we need a little time
Just you and I
Magic ride


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