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Livin' One's Own Dreams

Wheels of the fortune turning and turning
Once I am up and once I am down
Lucky and lucky days I am living
Let’s keep the smile on - I love the clowns

Chorus 1:
Out of fire and desire
One day it’s gonna burst out
Let the time of mine expire
That will be a total blackout

They’re gonna teach me lessons of heaven
They’re gonna teach me lessons of hell
I’ve got the power for now and ever
I’m gonna make it – break from the jail

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Burning freedom funny races
Let’s be those who are so crazy
With the fools who insist to be free
Happy children of the fire
With the guys who can’t be hired
With the chance we are living our dreams

Maybe our angels will lose their temper
Maybe that Kerouac just hand it back
Maybe the last door should not be empty
There’s many colours but blood is red

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

Out of fire and desire
All the things that we admire
They are one, they are crazy and free…

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