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Song for the Lonely

When you're standing on the edge of nowhere
There's only one way up
So your heart's got to go there
Through the darkest night
See the light shine bright
When heroes fall in love or war
They live forever

This is a song for the lonely
Can you hear me tonight
For the broken hearted, battle scared
I'll be by your side
This is a song for the lonely
When your dreams won't come true
Can you hear this prayer
'Coz someone's there for you

Well love don't need a reason
She can pick you up
Or leave you bleeding
I've seen a strong man cry
I know the reason why
We all forgive, we all forget
We just keep believing


So let it find you
Where ever you may go
I'm right beside you
Don't have to look no more
You don't have to look no more, oh no

This is a song for the lonely
And that's not only you
Through the darkest night
Gonna see the light
Love don't need a reason
Just to leave you bleeding
But you know inside
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright

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