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The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

All of the king's horses
And all of the kings men
Couldn't put my heart back together again
All of the physicians
The mathematicians too
Failed to stop my heart from breaking in two

All I need is you
I just need you
Yeah, you got the glue
So I give my heart to you

I had a premonition
A movie in my mind
Confirming my suspicions about what I would fine
You followed me to Wembley
Down to Mexico
Came in through the back door
And then started the show


On such a perfect day
Oh what a perfect way
You know, something had to go
You left me high, left me alone
Now as I lie in pieces, await for your return
The sun upon my forehead
It burns, baby, burns, baby, burns
An eye on all my horses
You slept with all my men
I'm never going to get back together again

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